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Lumber Yard Supply (Great Falls, MT)

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Air Tractor (Olney, TX)

In the News: Characteristics of a Strong ESOP Candidate, Minnesota Employee Ownership Fund

Windings Inc. (New Ulm, MN)

We previously discussed the Windings Inc. ESOP and the Minnesota Employee Ownership Fund in In the News: Increased Management Accountability, Succession Planning, Addressing ESOP Misconceptions. Passing torch to those who made your business work identifies some of the characteristics that made that the company a strong ESOP candidate:
  • The owner mentored his management team
  • The owner's children have their own careers
  • The owner wanted the company to remain in New Ulm
  • The owner wanted its employees to share in the gains of the company
  • The owner wanted to maximize the chances that the employees will retain their jobs
  • The owner wanted his legacy to be the future success of the company in New Ulm
  • The owner accepted the fact that he could possibly "have gotten more faster" if he pursued a third party sale

The article notes that it takes time to plan for an ESOP (although I want to point out it is possible, but not ideal, to close an ESOP transaction in six months):

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