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Communications That


Build and Nurture Your Unique ESOP Ownership Culture

Employee Engagement Adds Up to

Improve Corporate Performance

An employee stock ownership plan can be so much more than a valuable exit strategy and business succession planning tool.

Decades of ESOP research supports the case for encouraging employee involvement at all levels of the business. When employees understand how their day-to-day contributions can make a difference in corporate performance, they’re more likely to act like owners — keeping an eye out for efficiency improvements, waste reduction, innovation opportunities, and other ways to achieve greater productivity and better profitability.

Small business owners in particular can find employee ownership a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining quality employees in a competitive labor market. The sense of value for employee contributions and shared long-term growth potential can help differentiate your business from other employers and generate even more growth — but establishing and nurturing an ownership culture takes effort, consistency, and financial stakes.

When you partner with our ESOP Culture & Communications Consulting Services, you’ll get access to tools, resources, and decades of expertise in ESOP employee engagement. We can help provide employee education and communications to help all your people understand the vital role they play in the success of your business.

How to Build Your Unique ESOP Ownership Culture

ESOPs create a link between company performance and individual employee financial outcomes, since company share values are directly affected by profitability and other key performance indicators. So over time, employees’ ESOP share values have the potential to grow — and employees quickly understand the impact shared accountability and success can have on the shared bottom line.

Your culture and communication choices can go a long way to help educate employees and promote the sense of belonging and teamwork that distinguishes the best ESOPs from other companies. Together with our culture and communications consulting team, you can empower your employee-owners with events, communications, initiatives, and more. Our team can help you create strategies to achieve your goals, including:


Are you doing all you can to nurture and strengthen ownership culture in your ESOP?

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