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ESOP Partners:


Who We Are

Employee Ownership Changes Lives

ESOP Partners is Here to Help

Since 2006, our ESOP advisors have helped lives and businesses change for the better through the power of employee ownership.

ESOP Partners guides business owners as they launch successful employee stock ownership plans, and provides unparalleled support and expertise to existing ESOPs, with customers across Wisconsin, the Midwest, and the United States.

These core values support everything we do:

In fact, we’re an ESOP, too. Our unique combination of in-depth experience in consultation, ESOP launches, and third-party administration is strengthened by our day-to-day experience as employee owners.

What it’s Like to Work With ESOP Partners

An employee stock ownership plan is a uniquely flexible qualified retirement benefit plan, employee ownership vehicle, and business transition tool—and our model makes us uniquely capable of helping clients maximize the potential and optimize the performance of their ESOP through our third-party administration (TPA) services, as well as our consulting and advisory services. We’re here throughout the entire ESOP lifecycle, from initial feasibility assessment on, ensuring your plan is monitored, managed, and maximized to meet your objectives.

In fact, about 70% of clients who explore ESOP feasibility with us complete their business transition to employee ownership within three years (with most selling shareholders staying involved as company leadership).

As an ESOP Partners client, you can expect best in class care that includes:

Proactive solutions.
The experts at ESOP Partners simplify the ESOP transition, maximize outcomes, and educate ESOP stakeholders at every opportunity. We provide smart, effective, efficient solutions to even the most complex issues ESOPs face. And our experience means we anticipate and head off many challenges before they can become problems.
An unbundled service approach.
Our approach allows for enhanced service provider accountability. You know exactly who’s responsible for meeting your ESOP needs, and provider hand-offs, if necessary, are smooth.
Fee transparency.
Businesses should know what qualified plans cost separately. Unbundling services gives our customers visibility and clarity into true plan costs.
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Why We’re Here

We See the Transformative Power of Employee Ownership Every Day
It’s no exaggeration to say that employee ownership changes lives. 
We see it all the time; it’s why we do what we do:

Business owners who’ve invested their lives building companies that create jobs and support communities are able to access the equity from their business and enjoy the benefits of the wealth they’ve built, while leaving the legacy of a successful business—keeping those jobs in their community.

Employees who’ve contributed to profitability and growth get the benefit of business ownership stakes and a meaningful retirement benefit that builds middle-class wealth in America and raises the bar for workplace excellence.

Businesses reap multiple, ongoing benefits after transitioning to an ESOP company, including:

  • Tax advantages that support cash flow to continue growing and innovating
  • An additional, valuable employee benefit to recruit and retain quality workers
  • Employees who engage in “ownership thinking” with an eye toward productivity, efficiency, and profitability

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Who We Serve

Closely Held Companies & Existing ESOPs Trust the Experts at ESOP Partners

Shareholders of closely held companies who are investigating exit strategy options consult with ESOP Partners to evaluate whether and how to make employee ownership a reality for their business.

Established ESOP companies come to ESOP Partners for industry-leading third-party administration services, advisory and consulting, and services to support long-term ESOP sustainability. 

Our customers span the United States from coast to coast. We’ve helped launch, serve, and administer successful ESOPs in manufacturing, construction, engineering, retail, grocery, restaurant, radio, and beyond.

Read about select recent ESOP transactions:

Where We’re Going

Employee Ownership is Our Future; Make it Yours, Too

We have a vision to become nationally recognized as the best ESOP in the country.

Here’s how we’re achieving that goal:

  • We put the customer first
  • We keep our promises
  • We ask questions and listen closely to identify opportunities for improvement
  • We’re resilient in the face of challenges and use feedback to grow professionally and personally
  • We make room for collaboration and comradery, we celebrate our differences, we love what we do
  • We communicate in ways that build trust and respect

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