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Build a Strong ESOP Culture by Focusing on These 5 Key Areas


The decision to sell to an ESOP brings wide-ranging benefits to the business owner: liquidity, control over succession planning, tax benefits, and fair market value at sale. 

But an ESOP transition can also create strategic benefits for the company. Your management decisions can enhance the power of employee ownership to build your company’s unique culture and improve critical performance areas, including:

  • Productivity and innovation
  • Waste reduction
  • Employee recruiting and retention
  • And more

Find out how with our free guide, Build Your Ownership Culture & Maximize the Business Benefit of Your ESOP. The guide spotlights five key areas where ESOP leaders can focus company-wide efforts and get measurable results. When employees think like owners, you can improve company performance, increase annual share value, and support long-term profitability.

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