New Year, New Ownership Plan

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan can be a perfect option for transitioning your business, but it is not the only option. The next series of articles will focus on the different ways a business owner can transition their business. This decision can and should involve a lengthy research process to ensure the best fit for you, the business owner!

Four New Year’s Resolutions for your Company’s Internal ESOP Communications

The beginning of the year is a great time to review all company initiatives. One of the largest ones for any employee owned company is how to communicate this unique, nontraditional benefit called an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to all of your employee owners to improve engagement.

Green Initiatives to Maximize Your ESOP Impact and Expectations!

Providing proactive education and building awareness is important to help employee owners understand their importance and impact on the ESOP on a daily basis and to maximize their expectations and return through the entire lifecycle of the Plan. The ESOP Trust has saved the company a lot in taxes and has provided each employee owner with a financial stake in the company’s value today and into the future.

How to Develop the Secret Ingredient in Employee Ownership

Today’s blog article focuses on what information should be shared to ensure you keep employee owners’ attention. My previous blog article, The Secret Ingredient in Employee Ownership, highlighted how to engage employees through creating a sense of value among your employee owners through the following four key emotions: enthusiasm, inspiration, empowerment, and confidence. 

The Secret Ingredient in Employee Ownership

This year I have been honored to spend time with numerous ESOP companies and thousands of employee owners across the country. No matter where I go, I am always asked the following question:  How can I and do I engage my employee owners to ensure they truly understand this benefit?

The Past Sets the Stage for the Future!

October is always an amazing time of the year as the weather changes from the warmth of Summer to the crispy cool temperatures of Fall. These seasonal changes remind me of the transitions we all face no matter the industry we work in. As things change, we can’t forget to look back and remember the past and where everything initially started. 

ESOP Companies Better at Job Retention than Non-ESOP Counterparts

The Employee Ownership Foundation issued a press release discussing the Findings of 2014 General Social Survey (GSS):

Ideas for ESOP Employee Ownership Month (EOM) 2014

Last week was the start of ESOP Employee Ownership Month (EOM) 2014.  In my August 2013 ESOP Report article "It’s Not (Just) What You Say, It’s How Often You Say It," I discussed how EOM can also be used to promote your ESOP internally.  Daily or weekly celebrations and events are commonplace, and provide multiple opportunities to keep the ESOP fresh in the minds of your employee owners.

Survey Says Organization's Culture is #1 Reason Employees Stay

Retaining a valuable employee is one of the bigger challenges a small business owner will have to find a solution to in order to achieve long-term success. Much is invested in both time and money to recruit and train good employees. So what exactly does it take to attract and retain a good employee today?  

2012 Pension Plan Limits

The IRS has announced the 2012 pension plan limits, including the following:

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