EBITDA Multiples by Industry: What Matters in an ESOP Valuation Study

A business owner exploring exit strategies or business sale opportunities wants to know what to expect to earn on the sale. That sale outcome is often expressed in terms of an EBITDA multiple as a calculation of the company’s enterprise value (EV). 

How to Find and Work With a Lender to Secure ESOP Financing

How does ESOP financing work?

Can I simply approach my business banker with an expectation they’ll finance an ESOP transaction?

Do I need to find a bank or lender that specializes in ESOP financing?

When evaluating exit strategies that involve the sale of a company, even experienced business owners may encounter situations that are entirely new to them. This can be the case during the process of deciding whether an ESOP is the best option for a controlled exit at retirement.

Keep Your ESOP On Track and On Time
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