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Alion Science and Technology (McLean, VA)

Alion and American Systems: Two Employee-Owned Contractors Acquiring Successful Reputation discusses two 100% ESOP government contractors, Alion Science and Technology (Alion) and American Systems Corp. Since the latter was previously discussed in In the News: An Aggressive Growth Strategy/Paying an ESOP Loan Too Quickly/Mirror Loans/ESOP M&A Issues, we will focus on the story of Alion. Alion is a technology solutions company that, according to their website, delivers “technical expertise and operational support to the DoD, civilian government agencies and commercial customers.”

“Alion has grown significantly since its formation in 2002 when roughly 1,600 employees of the IIT Research Institute (IITRI) - founded in 1936 - purchased the majority of assets of IITRI, creating a 100% ESOP-owned company. By the end of last year the company registered over one-half billion in revenue and the employee head count totaled 3,500. Toss in a spate of major acquisitions and you have to believe CFO Jack Hughes is long overdue for a vacation.”

Alion has been recognized for many awards in 2007:

“2007 accolades include Washington Technology #2 M&A Deal of the Year, Military Training Technology Top 100, and most recently, a “Contractor of the Year” finalist among companies with annual revenues exceeding $300 million for the 5th Annual Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards

Alion is currently #30 on the NCEO Employee Ownership 100.

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