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Engaging Employees Helps 18th Century Baking Company Become a 'Hot 100' Internet Retailer discusses the employee engagement practices of King Arthur Flour Co., an ESOP company and one of the 2008 Top Small Workplaces. King Arthur uses Employee Surveys to Stay in Touch with the Attitudes and Needs of their employees and the workplace culture:

An ESOP company, King Arthur engages an outside firm to survey their employees on their ownership structure and their workplace culture every two years. Sarah says the results of these surveys help the leadership to stay abreast of employee concerns and meet new challenges, such as communicating with their customers and retaining them as the price of wheat has risen dramatically over the past year.

The post discusses how they engaged employees to improve their website, resulting in a 30% growth in both page views and unique visitors, and how their employee engagement efforts have boosted morale and risk taking:

The realization of a large-scale effort becomes more feasible when workplace team building results in the breaking down of silos to boost camaraderie and risk taking. It's part of the reason they've been successful on virtually all stakeholder fronts, including taking on a much more active environmental focus. As Sarah told us, "I think King Arthur Flour has had this longevity and staying power because of the way in which the business operates. The employees carry that mantra every day in how they do their work."

We recently discussed King Arthur in Keeping Home-Grown Businesses in the Local Community.

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