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Earlier this week we discussed The ESOP Association's Take on President Obama's ESOP Comments. The Employee Ownership Blog highlights President Reagan's role in passing ESOP tax incentives in 1984 and 1986 and shares a link to a 1987 video (go to 4:07 for the start of the relevant remarks) to provide additional evidence in President Reagan and Employee Ownership:


The video is about 10 minutes in length and the section about employee ownership is at the four to five minute mark. This particular speech was given in regard to the 1986 Report released by the Presidential Task Force on Project Economic Justice. These remarks were made at the ceremony where President Reagan received the Report on how employee ownership could counter Communism in Central America. The first four minutes are remarks about individual rights and freedom. President Reagan in the last six minutes speaks directly about employee ownership as key to economic justice.

Ronald Reagan's Speech on Project Economic Justice

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