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You are likely receiving a lot of information about what companies are doing in response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  This is a fluid situation and we don’t have all of the answers at this time.  However, we do think it is important to be a resource for you. 

Starting on Wednesday, March 25, at 12 PM CST, ESOP Partners will be hosting a free information forum to address your questions and concerns related to COVID-19 and the changing economic environment and how it may impact your business.  As of now, we intend to have this update weekly for the next few weeks and see how things change.

Forum Facilitators: 

Aaron Web Rotated


Aaron Juckett, President and Founder 

Jessica Quaday


Jessica Quaday, QKA, Director, Client Services

Jason Wellman - jpeg WEB


Jason Wellman, Director, Ownership Culture 

Please send your questions to Melanie Matulonis (mmatulonis@esoppartners.com) upon registration and we will address during the forum.  For more information and to sign up for The One-Stop ESOP Information Forum go to https://www.esoppartners.com/uncertaintimes.

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