ESOP Partners Celebrates Employee Ownership Month

The ESOP Association and its members, including ESOP Partners, are celebrating Employee Ownership Month throughout October as a way to promote the benefits of ESOPs to employees, businesses and communities around the country.  Today there are approximately 10,000 ESOPs in place in the U.S., covering 13.9 million employees, or about 10% of the private sector workforce.

ESOP Partners President to Present at NCEO Conference in Seattle

ESOP Partners will sponsor The National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) conference next week in Seattle, Washington, April 24 - April 26.  Aaron Juckett, President of ESOP Partners will be participating as a speaker at the conference, as well as leading an expert roundtable dicussion on the ESOP repurchase obligation. 

PBE Jobbers Warehouse, Inc. Completes Sale to Employees

ESOP Partners announced the successful completion of a 100 percent sale of PBE Jobbers Warehouse, Inc., a paint and body wholesaler out of Madison, Wisconsin, to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) representing the company’s employees.