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ESOP Partners is proud to share that Jason Wellman, Sr. Relationship Consultant, was the recipient of the 2019 "Membership Recruitment" award for the ESOP professionals community from The ESOP Association. This was announced at the 28th annual awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. on May 22, 2019. 

Jason is the Chair of The ESOP Association's Ownership Culture Advisory Committee.  He is also the Vice President of Membership for the Wisconsin Chapter of the ESOP Association. 

Jason is a contributing author for the ESOP Association’s ESOP Report on Ownership Advantage topics to improve ESOP culture and communications for the Association’s members. In his role at ESOP Partners, he works with ESOP companies to develop a comprehensive Ownership Culture Strategy, to maximize the impact of their ESOP benefit through continued communication and education to employee owners.

jason award 2 2019

Pictured above with Jason is Melanie Matulonis, Marketing Team Leader. 

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