ESOP Partners to Sponsor and Speak at NCEO's Fall ESOP Forum

Posted by Aaron Juckett, CPA, CPC, QPA, QKA on Thu, Sep 27, 2018
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fall nceo forumESOP Partners will be sponsoring, speaking, and attending  NCEO's Fall ESOP Forum being held October 3-4, 2018  at the Hotel Albuquerque  in Albuquerque, NM.  

Both experienced attendees and newcomers will leave the Fall ESOP Forum better informed and better prepared to evaluate and implement the next steps for their companies. With 48 sessions in 12 time-slots, attendees can get a well-rounded introduction to all aspects of ESOPs, or they can dig deep on specific issues, from governance to sustainability to communications. Because the Forum combines three popular NCEO seminars into a single event, it blends the choice and flexibility of a conference with the give-and-take dialog of a working seminar.

ESOP Partners Presentations


“Great Ideas for Employee Ownership Month"
Wednesday, October 3, 2018
3:40pm - 4:25pm
Presented by Jason Wellman, Senior Relationship Consultant, ESOP Partners

Jason helps ESOP companies by developing a comprehensive Ownership Culture through proactive educational resources for all participants to improve their understanding of ESOPs' unique benefits.

Additional ESOP Partners Team Members Attending

Janine Diana ESOP Partners   Eric Strebe_ESOP Partners            
Janine Diana
Senior Business Consultant
  Eric Strebe
Business Development Consultant

Click here for more information about the conference, including registration details.

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Aaron Juckett, CPA, CPC, QPA, QKA
Written by Aaron Juckett, CPA, CPC, QPA, QKA

Aaron is President and Founder of ESOP Partners and provides implementation, administration, and consulting services to hundreds of companies. He is a member of The ESOP Association (TEA) and the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO).