ESOP Partners provides comprehensive Ownership Culture and Communication services, with a customized approach based on your unique needs.

Because we administer hundreds of ESOPs of all sizes and complexities for organizations across the country, we offer a wide breadth of expertise and custom solutions to communicate your ESOP according to the terms of your plan document.

You’ve invested significant time and resources in establishing and maintaining your ESOP, so it makes sense to ensure that you’re getting the most out of it. One effective way to do that is to build and sustain an ownership culture. Studies have found that companies with a strong ownership culture outperform those without.

ESOP Partners provides these services to help foster your ownership culture:

  • Onsite Employee Owner Meetings — Since the company is making a significant contribution to each employee owner’s account, explaining the benefits associated with employee ownership through the annual participant statements can be a great way to build an ownership culture.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Handouts — A customized handout provides new and tenured employee owners with resources to help them understand basic ESOP concepts such as eligibility, share allocation, vesting, and distributions.
  • Monthly ESOP Communications  These monthly customized communications provide additional touch points throughout the year to help ensure all employee owners are growing in their ESOP knowledge.
  • Animated Educational Videos  Providing key concepts in a video format can help employee owners understand and retain ESOP information more easily.
  • ESOP Committee Charter & Application  Effective ESOP committees need a clearly defined committee charter and application form. Our experts design and implement both for any ESOP company to ensure their committee members are effectively communicating the benefits associated with employee ownership.
  • Certification Workshops for ESOP Committee Members  Onsite and offsite workshop options are available for ESOP committee members to develop their understanding of the history of ESOPs, along with the specific roles of each group involved in the ongoing administration of an ESOP. These workshops also focus on basic core concepts associated with the company’s specific ESOP Plan documents.
  • Internal ESOP Memorandums  ESOP communication is critical throughout an employee owner’s entire career lifecycle. These internal customized memos provide employees with entry dates, vesting details, and next steps after termination from the ESOP.
  • Lunch N’ Learn Materials  ESOP communications are great for quick (20 minutes or less) lunch n’ learn sessions on a quarterly basis. These four sessions focus on the four core concepts of your plan document, which are eligibility, share allocation, vesting, and distributions.
  • Engaging ESOP Games  These games are tailored to your plan document and can be a featured item during October’s Employee Ownership Month or at other company meetings. Options include these formats: bingo, crosswords, word searches and game-show-themed activities.

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