We make selling to an ESOP easy! Our 4-step ESOP process lets you ease into the ESOP waters with confidence. 

ESOP Partners’ Succession Advantage™ Ownership Transition Process is among the fastest methods for completing a business transition and realizing the benefits.  A traditional business sale can take up to 2 years to complete, compared to as little as 90 days when you sell to an ESOP with ESOP Partners.  You get your cash out sooner, and start reaping the tax benefits faster

Our Steps to Helping Companies Sell to an ESOP

The steps involved in selling to an ESOP are straightforward, and each is critical to the long-term success of the plan.  ESOP Partners has a proprietary process that begins with a feasibility consultation that will tell you if an ESOP is a viable solution based on your unique situation.

Step #1: No-Cost Feasibility Analysis

Find out if an ESOP might be right for you with this no-obligation, no-cost feasibility analysis.Is An ESOP Right For Your Company

Step #2: Comprehensive Feasibility Modeling                    

Once you determine an ESOP might be the right solution, we do some modeling to see what the sale could mean for you, the company, management, and your employees.  This includes helping complete a company forecast (if there’s not already one completed).  This study also models what an ESOP would look like from the following perspectives:

  • The Company.  Identify how the ESOP will impact the company’s cash flow and financial statements

  • The Selling Shareholder(s).  Outline all disbursements to the selling shareholder such as cash payments, financing, tax deductions, tax payments, synthetic equity payments, and ESOP balances (to the extent each applies)

  • The Management.  Articulate how the ESOP can be used to reward and incentivize key management and also for retention and recruiting.

  • The Participants.  Modeling the employee benefit level the plan will provide.


Step #3: ESOP Preliminary Valuation

This step is the point at which the value used in the modeling is confirmed by an independent valuation firm.  This is another point where ESOP Partners’ approach saves you money and time by not involving unnecessary parties in the process.


Step #4: ESOP Implementation

In this final step we offer guidance through the transaction closing and actual sale of stock to the ESOP. This includes developing the plan design (who is in the plan, when they get in the plan, when they get paid and how they get paid) and a communication strategy for employees, vendors, clients and the marketplace in general.

Why Partner With Us to Implement Your ESOP

We’re Efficient.

With a streamlined transaction process and extensive network of ESOP professionals, we’ve made an ESOP an even more attractive tool for succession planning.  We also leverage the expertise of ESOP counsel and other professionals when needed (and only when needed) to maximize the effectiveness the ESOP implementation team – while staying within your budget.

“The sale to an ESOP was about securing our legacy with our customers, with the communities we serve, and most of all, our employees.  ESOP Partners gave us the confidence that the sale was definitely the best path forward and expertly guided us through the process every step of the way.” 

- Tim, Owner and President, Mounds Pet Food Warehouse

We’re Proactive.

ESOP Partners works aggressively to prevent delays or stalling that sometimes occur during the transition process.  We anticipate where those hurdles can pop up and know how to avoid or quickly remedy situations to keep things moving swiftly and smoothly. 

“...I consider ESOP Partners a valuable asset to our business.  Partners is a great name for them as that is exactly what we consider them to be, as I know they will take care of any situation that arises.  I give ESOP Partners the highest recommendation you can give.” 

- Tom, VP of Finance, Webb Insurance Agency

We’re Experienced.

We have extensive experience with ESOP feasibility, transaction structure, plan design, implementation, and ongoing ESOP administration – and we use that experience to quickly complete a successful sale with optimum benefit to both the business owner and the company.

“ESOP Partners helped MCD, Inc., at every step along the way including owner education, business modeling, financial advice, gathering a team of outside experts, and educating our employees.  Each person on the ESOP Partners team worked on a common plan, were responsive, and most importantly, were very caring and client-focused in this very important ownership transition.” 

- Dave, Former CEO and owner, MCD, Inc.

We’re Engaged.

Every client is assigned a single point of contact to manage the ESOP process from start to finish.  This professional is always available to address questions with clear, straightforward answers, even after the sale.

"...I cannot say enough good about our representatives at ESOP Partners and their patience and guidance during the first year of our ESOP.  The response to any question was almost immediate.  ESOP Partners has given me confidence in handling the tasks required of our ESOP." 

- Karin, Vice President, Iowa State Savings Bank 


Is an ESOP Right For Your Company?

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