Your ESOP’s future obligation to repurchase company stock from participants can become a challenging liability if it is not properly quantified and funded.  Using the ESOP PROS™ (Proactive Repurchase Obligation Strategy) process, ESOP Partners helps ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your ESOP and ease your fiduciary and administrative responsibilities. 

What is the ESOP PROS™ Sustainability Study?

Our proprietary process gives you peace of mind that the information you’re getting from the study is accurate.  We ease your fiduciary and administrative responsibilities by helping you develop assumptions based on different scenarios, analyzing the results and running reports that help you visualize the changes, then incorporating the information from the Repurchase Study into a comprehensive strategy designed to achieve your long-term corporate and ESOP objectives. 

We leverage our knowledge and experience with feasibility and new ESOP structuring, second stage transaction structuring, and ongoing administration of ESOPs to develop the optimal distribution policy and repurchase obligation strategy for the company going forward to achieve your long-term ESOP objectives.

Our multi-step process leverages our consulting and administration experience and our fully integrated ESOP administration system to project your repurchase obligation well into the future.

The PROS™ process provides you with the greatest value and most accurate information:

  • A comprehensive 20-year snapshot of your future repurchase obligation

  • We work directly with clients throughout the process to ensure the best possible results.  Our one-on-one consultation eliminates reliance on simple data fields and algorithms; you get an ESOP expert every step of the way committed to your ESOP’s long-term success

  • The process is part of our fully integrated, proprietary administration system and complements other services available to ESOP Partners clients