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ESOP Partners is excited to announce a new partnership with Economic Group Pension Services (EGPS), serving as their ESOP subject matter expert. In this arrangement, ESOP Partners will provide administration and consulting on all things ESOP to EGPS clients.. This approach allows EGPS to focus on its core areas of expertise and provide its clients with a best-in-class service provider for all their qualified retirement plans. “ESOP Partners is a great service provider choice for clients desiring this plan type. We’re excited to partner with them, as their values and service standards align with ours, and they provide exemplary retirement plan consulting to their clients,” stated Dawn Genz, Chief Operating Officer for EGPS.

ESOP Partners focuses solely on ESOPs and does not compete in the 401(k) administration marketplace. This allows them to provide industry-leading ESOP expertise and consulting services, while also allowing their clients to implement an unbundled approach and select a premium service provider for both their ESOP and 401(k) plans. By implementing this model, clients receive greater service provider accountability. This also allows ESOP companies to regularly evaluate and change service providers, manage plan expenses with fee transparency, and otherwise satisfy their plan sponsor and trustee fiduciary responsibilities.

Whether it be two separate plans or a KSOP, ESOP Partners actively manages the combined plan testing and administration issues by taking the lead to prepare the combined plan testing and collaborating with 401(k) service providers to proactively address data collection and combined plan combined testing issues.  ESOP Partners leverages technology to provide combined plan reporting solutions to ESOP companies.

About ESOP Partners

ESOP Partners, an employee-owned ESOP company, changes lives by creating wealth and sustainable employment through employee ownership and works to simplify, maximize, and educate companies about employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). 
Founder and President, Aaron Juckett says, “Our purpose is to change lives through employee ownership. What better way to achieve this than by establishing an ESOP and ownership culture at ESOP Partners to showcase to the ESOP community.”  

ESOP Partners, an ESOP third-party administration (TPA) and consulting firm, establishes, maintains, and sustains employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) throughout the company's lifecycle.  ESOP Partners' focus is to maximize the benefits of being an ESOP company and provide employees with an ownership stake in the company that they work for.

Through a holistic view, the company provides a life-changing experience to both sellers and employees through a proven process and track record of delivering exceptional professional services to its clients. ESOP Partners serves as a one-stop for ESOP feasibility and structuring, establishment and implementation, administration and compliance, ESOP communications and ownership culture development, repurchase obligation forecasting and ESOP sustainability planning, and corporate governance and fiduciary consulting.

About Economic Group Pension Services (EGPS): 

Founded in 1971, Economic Group Pension Services (EGPS) is a national independent consulting firm that designs and administers cutting-edge retirement plans. With offices in Alabama, California, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Texas, the company serves over 5,500 benefit plans for business owners and their employees across the country. For more information about EGPS, please visit https://egps.com.

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