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Employee Owned 2023

Get ready! We are excited to announce our participation as a speaker and sponsor at the Employee Owned 2023 event organized by The ESOP Association. The event takes place November 8-10 in Las Vegas, NV.

This event is an engaging hub for all employee ownership enthusiasts, offering incredible learning and networking opportunities. We are proud to contribute to a platform that encourages the growth and influence of employee ownership in the United States.

We'd like to invite you to join us, and the many other passionate professionals, to delve deeper into the essence of employee ownership. Don't forget to stop by our Booth 15 to connect with us!

ESOP Partners Presentation

"Ownership Unleashed: Thinking & Thriving Beyond the 9 to 5"
Friday, November 10
9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Presented by Jason Wellman, Director of Ownership Culture

Session Description:
Dive into the transformative world of ownership thinking, where employees transcend their job descriptions. This session illuminates the journey from being just an employee to embracing the role of an integral stakeholder, making decisions that steer the company towards growth and success. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Grasp the concept and significance of ownership thinking in the modern workplace. 
  • Identify actionable steps to transition from a task-focused mindset to an ownership-driven approach. 
  • Learn techniques to foster and nurture a proactive decision-making culture, aligning individual goals with the company's overarching vision. 


Additional ESOP Partners Team Members Attending
Kris-Kaul 127x127   Matt-Middendorp-400x400   Bill-Zoelle-127x127px   eric-strebe
Kris Kaul
Senior Business
  Matt Middendorp
Business Consultant
  Bill Zoelle
Marketing, Manager
  Eric Strebe
Director of Business Consulting

Josh-Clearwater-200x200   ryan-kuchta   jake-niehof    
Josh Clearwater
Business Development Consultant
  Ryan Kuchta
Director of ESOP Administration
  Jake Niehof
Senior ESOP Administrator

Look forward to seeing you at Employee Owned 2023

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