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ESOP Partners will sponsored The National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) conference in Seattle, Washington, April 24 - April 26 in 2013.  Aaron Juckett, President of ESOP Partners participated as a speaker at the conference, as well as leading an expert roundtable dicussion on the ESOP repurchase obligation.


describe the imageAdministrative Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Thursday, April 25
10:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 

Mistakes can easily happen as part of the ongoing administration of your ESOP and present a costly burden to your company.  Join Aaron as he participates in a session on Thursday to review how the IRS's updated correction program (EPCRS) can help keep you, your ESOP, and your company out of trouble when the inevitable mistake or omission occurs.   

ESOP Repurchase Obligation Roundtable

Part of Expert-Led Roundtable Luncheon, Table #35
April 26 from 11:45 – 1 p.m.

Aaron will be leading an expert-led roundtable discussion mid-day Thursday on the ESOP repurchase obligation.  The roundtable provides a small group setting in which participants can ask Aaron questions and discuss issues related specifically to the ESOP repurchase obligation.  He will explore the various assumptions involved in the forecasting process and how it impacts the long-term strategic plan, corporate governance, and ownership culture of an organization.

"The ESOP's future repurchase obligation can become a challenging and significant liability if it is not properly monitored and funded", says Juckett.  In response to this criticial need to forecast the repurchase obligation, ESOP Partners developed the ESOP PROS (Proactive Repurchase Obligation Strategy)™ Process.

ESOP PROS™, an exclusive process to help companies develop a comprehensive strategy specifically designed to achieve long-term corporate and ESOP objectives.  Aaron continues by saying, "ESOP PROS™ will help ESOP companies and fiduciaries ensure the long-term success of their ESOP while easing their fiduciary and administrative responsibilities".

ESOP Partners was Booth #7 and offered a free ESOP Repurchase Obligation Best Practices tip sheet.  Aaron also offered a free 15 minute ESOP repurchase obligation consultation to interested ESOP companies with specific questions about their repurchase obligation strategy. 

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