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describe the imageESOP Partners will be participating in the upcoming spring conference of the Ohio/Kentucky Chapter of the ESOP Association. This year's annual spring conference, "Turn Up the Volume in Support of ESOPs", will take place on March 20, 2013 and will offer a full day of seminar presentations on topics ranging from the basics of how an ESOP works, to the options available for funding your ESOP repurchase obligation.

Aaron Juckett, President of ESOP Partners, will be speaking on "ESOP 101 - What are the Basics?" at the conference on Tuesday.  In his session, Juckett will review how an ESOP works from the perspective of a new participant as she moves through her lifecycle with the ESOP. Juckett says, "not only will participants expand their understanding of how their ESOP works, but managers and administrative committee members will receive a better understanding of how an ESOP works to help maximize the benefits of their ESOP".

Next week's session, covering the basics of ESOPs, will offer helpful tips to those conference attendees who are fairly new to ESOPs, and also a great refresher course for those who have already been managing their ESOP for several years.

We hope you can find time to attend.  See you there!

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