Does your ESOP Administrator have the capabilities to provide strategic oversight to keep your plan on track? 

ESOP Partners’ consulting expertise helps ease your fiduciary and administrative responsibilities and ensures the sustainability and long-term success of your ESOP.

  • Ownership Culture and Communications.  We help you build a culture where management and employee owners are motivated to continually improve performance

  • Distribution Policies.  ESOP Partners customizes distribution policies to achieve your goals and objectives, while considering the distribution regulations, your plan document language and communication to plan participants

  • The ESOP PROS™ process.  Our Proactive Repurchase Obligation Strategy process is designed to evaluate relevant indicators of your business performance and project your ESOP repurchase liability 20 years into the future

  • Audit Assistance.  We partner with accounting firms that audit the ESOP financial statements and government forms, providing detailed reports to improve efficiency and minimize client expense

  • Corporate Governance and Fiduciary Consulting Services.  We guide clients in the development of best practices for their board of directors, shareholders, officers and other stakeholders, outlining the roles and accountability of those in the ESOP corporate governance process

  • Second-stage Transaction Planning, Structuring and Management.  We lead clients through the process of re-leveraging their ESOPs and purchasing additional stock from selling shareholders— focusing on the impact the transaction has on the corporation, other shareholders, and plan participants.  This recalibration is designed to optimize the ESOP’s performance

  • Executive Compensation and Incentive Planning.  We listen to your strategic needs and corporate goals to create a model to retain talent at any level of your organization

ESOP Consulting

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