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When unforeseen changes in our country occur, like a widespread pandemic,  many employee-owned companies now have employee owners working from home. I am sure everyone has a lot of questions about how to manage a remote workforce and maintain productivity during uncertain times. 

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Challenges of Remote Work

Here is a list of common challenges that face remote employee owners, and tips to combat these challenges.

Loneliness and Isolation. You must increase your communication through additional check-ins and team regroups. Encourage all virtual employee owners to turn on their camera to have face-to-face contact. Mail company swag and/or gifts to virtual employee owners. And continue to celebrate birthdays and team successes as a group.

Communication and Collaboration. Engage regularly across multiple channels with your fellow employee owners by leveraging your technology and resources. Focus on completing the small talk that everyone enjoys, as a means of building rapport. Keep things light by utilizing GIFs and emojis during your communications, where appropriate.

Please don’t forget to be mindful of others with childcare needs during this time of uncertainty. Be considerate with your meetings by being mindful of the time zones of each employee owner and limit your background noise.

Accountability and Motivation. Maintain your alignment with the major initiatives and goals within the company. Conduct personality assessments to understand communication preferences and unique motivators based on behavior to drive employee owners to the next level.

Allow time for training to ensure all employee owners are up to speed on the various resources. Praise and reward employee owners throughout this entire process.

Solutions for Employees

How do you and your fellow employee owners maintain mental balance during these unique times in our country’s history?

Maintain a Consistent Schedule. This means showering and getting dressed every day. Also set up a home office and dedicated workspace with set boundaries and a closed door.

Schedule Breaks. Don’t forget to move and workout on a consistent basis. This is another reason to complete these workout challenges on a daily basis.

If you have children, please maintain a schedule for them with time for your meetings and don’t be afraid of screen time. Focus on leaving work at work even though you currently are working from home.

Schedule Fun Activities Just Like Work Tasks. For a few minutes every day, focus on your hobbies, self-care, and anything else that makes you happy. This attention to your emotional needs will help you maintain your mental balance throughout your experience as a remote employee owner.

Get Outside. Enjoy nature when possible, especially now that it’s officially spring. Time in nature can help treat anxiety, stress, and depression. Don’t Lose Sight of Mental Health. 

The transition to becoming a new remote employee owner may be challenging but remember that tomorrow is always a fresh start. Live within that 24-hour period and do everything you can do for yourself and your fellow employee owners who also may be working remotely.

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