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Benefit #4 of selling to an ESOP: It provides employee ownership as an additional employee benefit to help recruit and retain employees. ESOPs reward employees by providing them with an ownership stake in the company they work for and help build. It allows the transfer of ownership to employees at no cost and provide employee ownership without the need for employees to have or raise capital. Building an ownership culture by combining meaningful employee ownership and participative management creates a greater sense of pride for the employees, increased engagement and a competitive advantage for a company. Did you know? Employee-owned companies are 235% better at job retention. (Source: NCEO, 2018)  

Additional key tax benefit;  The portion of a company owned by an S Corporation ESOP is not subject to. federal or state income taxation, increasing cash flow and providing the company with a competitive advantage. This means that S Corporations that are 100% ESOP-owned are not subject to any federal or state income taxes, increasing cash flow and providing the company with a competitive advantage. 

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Check out this brief animated video to learn more about ESOPs. 

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