Creating an Impactful ESOP Communication Committee

ESOP communication committees are critical for ESOP companies to move forward with an ownership culture for participants. These committee members do more than just plan company cookouts and celebrate Employee Ownership Month through games. They focus on providing proactive and educational materials for ESOP participants to ensure all participants become advocates for this unique nontraditional benefit. I have been asked numerous times during roundtable discussions and in conversations with a variety of ESOP companies, “How can I create an impactful ESOP Communication Committee?”

The Steps to Launching and Relaunching Your ESOP

You’ve sold your company to an ESOP. Now what? The way in which you launch your company’s ESOP can have lasting effects on the success of the ESOP and the buy-in and dedication of the employees. It is even beneficial to complete relaunches annually. The launch and subsequent relaunches should occur in a similar sequence every time.

3 Advantages ESOP Companies Have to Recruit Millennials

You can’t think about your workforce without thinking about millennials. They are, quite literally, the future of your workforce. But connecting with millennials can be imposing to older generations. How do you reach them? Why do they seem so elusive? Why are the recruiting techniques that have been tried and true not working anymore?

Talent Planning: Why It’s Vital to Your Business

Talent planning is essential to your organization’s success, but implementing a plan often ends up low on the priority list. Every company should have a management transition plan, since it’s critical to continued growth. In a company with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), the strategic planning responsibilities, referred to as succession planning, starts with the Board of Directors and ESOP Corporate Governance.

Flexible Work Policies Engage Employees

For companies that have an Employee Stock Ownership Plan or are considering an ESOP, one of the challenges is to maximize the engagement of your newly empowered employees.

It’s Not (Just) What You Say, It’s How Often You Say It

The initial thought for many ESOP companies is to cram as much information into a single employee meeting as possible.  After all, an ESOP meeting is a substantial commitment of time and resources by the organization, so why not use the time wisely, right?  But information overload can be a challenge for employee owners.  Because even if the message is a simple one that is delivered perfectly so that all employee owners can understand it, the retention of all of the information you just provided can be lost immediately after the meeting as employee owners go back to their daily responsibilities; soon forgetting the message.

The Ownership Culture Checkup

Because you have invested significant time and resources in establishing and maintaining your ESOP, it makes sense to ensure that you are getting the most out of it.  One effective way to maximize the benefits of your ESOP is to build and sustain an ownership culture.  Studies have found that companies with a strong ownership culture outperform their counterparts.

Ideas for ESOP Employee Ownership Month (EOM) 2014

Last week was the start of ESOP Employee Ownership Month (EOM) 2014.  In my August 2013 ESOP Report article "It’s Not (Just) What You Say, It’s How Often You Say It," I discussed how EOM can also be used to promote your ESOP internally.  Daily or weekly celebrations and events are commonplace, and provide multiple opportunities to keep the ESOP fresh in the minds of your employee owners.

ESOP Workplace Trust

The Jacobs Model links 8 drivers of workplace trust to performance:

October is 2013 ESOP Employee Ownership Month (EOM)

The ESOP Association issued a press release announcing October is ESOP Employee Ownership Month (EOM) and recapping some of the results of the 22nd Annual ESOP Economic Performance Survey (EPS):

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