ESOP Companies Grow Faster and Are More Recession-Proof

ESOP Exit Strategy: Greater Job Satisfaction & Employee Retention

ESOP Exit Strategy: Reward Employees & Preserve Company Legacy

Reward Employees

Succession Planning Critical for Baby Boomer Business Owners

Business Exit Strategy: ESOPs Save Jobs & Strengthen Local Community

Every small business owner will face a time when they will need to sell their company.  When a small business is put up for sale to a third party, particularly in rural areas, local jobs and the other benefits are at risk.  Since an acquiring business may not have any ties to the local community, they could liquidate the assets of the company or relocate the company operations to a different location.  This obviously has negative consequences for the employees and the community as a whole. 

ESOP Exit Strategy: Always a Stock Sale

When a business is sold to a third party, the buyer generally prefers to purchase a company’s assets rather than its stock, whereas the seller would rather sell the stock. The decision of asset sale or stock sale is often subject to the negotiation process and is an important consideration when developing your business exit strategy.

Financial Planning: Use an ESOP for Liquidity & Diversification

ESOP Business Exit Strategy: Sell While Retaining Company Control

Business owners often put off Succession Planning or even contemplating the thought of selling their business because they are not ready to retire or they have not identified or properly trained their replacements.  They may also legitimately worry about the loss of control when selling to a third party.  Including an ESOP in the Business Succession Plan enables a business owner to sell part or all of their company, Tapping into an Otherwise Illiquid Asset and Providing the Business Owner with Liquidity and Diversification, while remaining in control of the day-to-day operations of the company.

Business Exit Strategy: Sell in 90 Days with an ESOP Built-In Buyer

Business Succession Planning: How to Defer Taxation with an ESOP

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