The Succession Advantage™ Ownership Transition Process

More Cash, Less Tax - Sooner!

An ESOP is the most cash-and tax-efficient succession plan available to business owners. ESOP Partners’ Succession Advantage™ Process is among the fastest methods for completing a business transition and realizing the benefits. A traditional business sale can take six months to two years to complete, compared to just 60-90 days when you sell to an ESOP with ESOP Partners. You get your cash out sooner, and start reaping the tax benefits faster

  • We’re Efficient.

    We leverage our CPA background and years of experience assisting business owners and ESOP companies, giving us the expertise and insight to be highly efficient, engaged with our clients, and committed to long-term service after the sale.

    With our streamlined transaction process and extensive network of ESOP professionals, we’ve made an ESOP an even more attractive succession plan. We use our ESOP experience to manage the establishment of the ESOP, leveraging the expertise of ESOP counsel and other professionals when needed, and only when needed, to maximize the expertise of the ESOP implementation team while staying within your budget.

    "...Out of everyone on our ESOP team, meaning our CPA, attorney, appraiser, and TPA, I turn to ESOP Partners for advice".

    - Pat, CFO at CTA, Inc.

  • We’re Proactive.

    ESOP Partners works aggressively to prevent delays or stalling that sometimes occurs during the transition process. We anticipate where those hurdles can pop up and know how to avoid or quickly remedy situations to keep things moving swiftly and smoothly. 

    “...I consider ESOP Partners a valuable asset to our business. Partners is a great name for them as that is exactly what we consider them to be, as I know they will take care of any situation that arises. I give ESOP Partners the highest recommendation you can give.”

    - Tom, VP of Finance, Webb Insurance Agency

  • We’re Experienced.

    ESOP Partners has extensive experience with ESOP feasibility, ESOP transaction structure, ESOP plan design, ESOP implementation, and ongoing ESOP administration. We have the skills and insights to quickly complete a successful sale with optimum benefit to both the business owner and the company. Our comprehensive administration, repurchase obligation, and ownership culture background enables us to uniquely structure your ESOP plan design so your ESOP is setup to succeed in the long-term.

    "...ESOP Partners is extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of ESOP's.  They can look at complex scenarios and develop the right strategy to accomplish our goals.  Their responsiveness and ability to communicate complex concepts in understandable terms is exceptional."

    - Sue, President, Ellwood Associates

  • We’re Engaged.

    Every ESOP Partners client is assigned a single experienced point of contact to manage the ESOP process from start to finish – and who is always available to address your questions with clear, straightforward answers, even after the sale.

    "...I cannot say enough good about our representatives at ESOP Partners and their patience and guidance during the first year of our ESOP. The response to any question was almost immediate. ESOP Partners has given me confidence in handling the tasks required of our ESOP.

    - Karin, Vice President, Iowa State Savings Bank


The ESOP Partners’ Succession Advantage™ Ownership Transition Process can help you get your cash out sooner, and start reaping the tax benefits faster! 

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