Succession-Advantage-Ownership_Transition_Process_eBook_from_ESOP_Partners.jpgAn ESOP is the most cash-and tax-efficient succession plan available to business owners.  ESOP Partners’ Succession Advantage™ Ownership Transition Process is among the fastest methods for completing a business transition and realizing the benefits.

A traditional business sale can take six months to two years to complete, compared to just 60-90 days when you sell to an ESOP with ESOP Partners.  You get your cash out sooner, and start reaping the tax benefits faster.

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  • Why the Succession Advantage™ Process makes an ESOP an even more attractive succession plan
  • How the Succession Advantage™ Process gets you towards a completed sale swiftly and quickly
  • And how your business benefits from this comprehensive approach so your ESOP is setup to succeed in the long-term
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