Forecasting your ESOP’s repurchase obligation is a critical component to developing the right strategy to achieve your long-term corporate & ESOP objectives. To ease your fiduciary and administrative responsibilities, ESOP Partners developed the ESOP PROS™ (Proactive Repurchase Obligation Strategy) process.


The ESOP PROS™ Advantage

Along with one-on-one consulting that leverages ESOP Partners' consulting and administration experience – and our proprietary ESOP administration system – this multi-step process allows us to project your repurchase obligation liability well into the future.

In using the ESOP PROS™ process:

  • We help you develop assumptions based on a variety of scenarios, analyze results and run reports that help you visualize the impact on your business and ESOP

  • We then incorporate the information into a comprehensive strategy designed to achieve your long-term corporate and ESOP objectives

  • The process results in a comprehensive 20-year snapshot of your future obligation

The ESOP PROS™ process can help you maximize the benefits of your ESOP.  To get started, we offer a FREE consultation to review the PROS™ process and the advantages it can offer you in ensuring the sustainability of your ESOP. 

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