ESOP Partners’ web portal, My ESOP Dashboard™, gives administrators and participants 24/7 online access to valuable, easy-to-use tools and information to make managing their ESOPs simple and effective.

This value-added, online resource gives participants desktop and mobile access to: 

  • Number of shares credited to their company stock accounts
  • Total current value of the Plan benefit
  • Current value of their company stock accounts
  • Per share value of their shares of company stock
  • Total vested value of the Plan benefit
  • Dollar value of the vested portion of their Plan benefit

 Participants will also have access to basic Plan documents and frequently requested forms.

Administrators have access to confidential Plan information, including:

  • Employee census reports
  • Participant allocation reports
  • Stock release calculations
  • Trust reconciliation reports
  • Form 5500 filed with the IRS
  • Distribution reports

Administrators also have the ability to send electronic communications to ESOP participants such as, IRS notices, Department of Labor notices, company information, etc. My ESOP Dashboard™ provides added value to administrators by stocking this portion of the portal with helpful ESOP resources and information. For example, a downloadable guide explaining how to read your ESOP statement, ESOP industry updates, FAQs, and more.

My ESOP Dashboard™ provides ESOP participants and administrators alike with an ability to actively participate in and manage their ESOP plan.


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