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Is an ESOP right for you?


We’ve designed this self-assessment to help you explore whether an ESOP may be a good option for your company

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Fewer than 10 employees
10–25 employees
26–249 employees
250–500 employees
More than 500 employees

In some cases, a full-time employee headcount of fewer than 15 employees can pose compliance challenges, but with the right guidance and expertise, you may be able to successfully transition your company to an ESOP. We recommend you contact us for a no-cost feasibility analysis to explore your options and learn more.

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Technically, there are no hard and fast requirements or upper limits to the number of employees an ESOP can include. In fact, many companies find that an ESOP sale puts them in a strong position to grow after the transition. What’s essential is a solid plan that sets your company up for long-term success.

We have a clearly articulated and documented management succession plan in place, and my team and I agree we should learn more about/pursue employee ownership.
I’m 100% on board with employee ownership, and I could use help communicating the process and the benefits to my management team.
I’m in the earlier stages of gathering information and understanding my ownership transition and exit strategy options.

It sounds like you’re ready to learn more about how an ESOP works. Our tip sheet, ESOP Company Board of Directors Responsibilities, reviews the importance of a strategic, long-term focus in corporate governance, process documentation, and more.

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We’ve got just the thing to help you — an infographic that can help you explain the structure and mechanics of an ESOP company to your leadership team.

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If you’re just getting started investigating your exit strategy, it can be helpful to see your options compared. Our eBook, Your Ultimate Guide to Business Exit Strategies, reviews the pros and cons of the different ways business owners can get liquidity and long-term value from their exit strategy.

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Less than one year
2–4 years
4–6 years
6–10 years

If you and your business are in the right place, it IS possible to create an internal market and a built-in buyer in 90 to 120 days. Where to begin? Request a no-cost feasibility analysis.

Whatever your timeline, it’s valuable to consult with an expert from the beginning. You’ll get advice on process documentation, succession planning, culture and communication, and more, all with a goal of the best possible outcome for you and your company.

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I care deeply for my company, employees, and community, and I want my exit to be as smooth as possible, and leave a lasting, positive legacy for years to come.
I have close, caring relationships with a few employees, but for the most part, employees are not deeply engaged with the well-being and growth of the company.
Employee perceptions of my departure or sale of the company are not among my highest priorities.

No matter where you are in the process, the guidance of an experienced team of ESOP consultants can make the transition smoother, easier, and more predictable.

In general, companies with strong employer-employee relationships and cultures of strong communication are more likely to experience a smooth transition through the ESOP transaction. ESOP Partners’ experts in ownership culture and communication can advise your team and help prepare the way.

A successful ESOP sale starts with healthy employee relations and strong company communication. If you need help putting plans and practices in place, ESOP Partners’ experts in ownership culture and company communication can offer advice to get started establishing the conditions that can support a better outcome.

Depending on revenue, EBITDA, and tax liability, some companies find that an ESOP’s tax benefits can outweigh initial transaction costs. Yes, an ESOP can pay for itself!

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Request YOUR no-cost, no-obligation feasibility analysis from ESOP Partners.

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan is a great way for many business owners to access liquidity and control their exit from the company while leaving a legacy for employees and their community. Sometimes, additional information is needed to determine the best path forward.

Your responses suggest that you speak with an expert at ESOP Partners about the many factors that contribute to how your ESOP transition can be successful. A great place to start is to request a no-cost, no-obligation feasibility analysis.

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