Is Your ESOP Communications Committee Effective?

Posted by Jason Wellman on Wed, Jun 20, 2018
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Communications CommitteeThe members of an effective ESOP Communication Committee are the unsung heroes and advocates that facilitate the messaging of employee ownership throughout the organization.  This special task force, when deployed correctly, can be a game-changer for ensuring the ESOP message resonates with all employee owners, no matter their position or tenure with the company. There are several key factors that each and every committee must plan for in order to be effective in its role.

Here are those key factors:

  • Timing – This is the number one issue for the majority of committees because each member still has their “day job.” This primary role must be maintained and time still can be set aside for the responsibilities associated with the ESOP Communications Committee.
  • Training – Initial and ongoing training is a critical piece for all committee members to ensure ESOP participants are growing in their understanding of this unique, non-traditional benefit. Engage a professional for additional training resources for both your employee owners and ESOP committee members to jump start everyone’s understanding.
  • Attitude – Focus on maintaining a positive attitude throughout the entire lifecycle of your ESOP Communications Committee. Stay focused on your mission statement and annual initiatives! The work you complete for the company is worthwhile and is making a difference.

As your committee works through the timing, training, and overall attitude of each individual committee member, you will grow an identity as a committee. This identity will provide dynamic and proactive solutions to common pain points and concerns which will improve the overall engagement level for all employee owners.

I would encourage you to download our eBook on ESOP Communications Committees for even more tools and resources to ensure your ESOP Communications Committee is effective for the foreseeable future

Communications Committee eBook

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Jason Wellman
Written by Jason Wellman

Jason, a Senior Relationship Consultant, helps employee-owned companies by developing a comprehensive Ownership Culture through proactive educational resources for all participants to improve their understanding of this unique, nontraditional benefit we call an ESOP.

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